Saturday, 21 June 2014

My idea for a sequel - Gremlins reboot/sequel

A lot of reboots are happening, and like some people, I think I can come up with a better idea. Here's my take on Joe Dante's 1984 classic Gremlins.

My take would be darker. I know it is a cliché to go darker on franchise reboots, but I would go for a much blacker vein of comedy. I would also drop somewhat controversially Gizmo, or reduce the character to perhaps a background gag.
It would be set in the same universe, but instead of Kingston Falls, it would be a prequel, and it would begin in the 1930s, in San Francisco. A British businessman, Herbert Winslow is in 'Cisco, looking for a bargain to give to his fiancée. He meets a market stall holder, a young Chinese man, who is in fact a young Mr.Wing. He gives him a box, a huge ornamental gold Chinese chest. Unbeknownst to Mr. Wing, there is a fur ball lodged inside. Winslow has it shipped to England, where the furball pops out. It is a small Mogwai. Cecily, Winslow's fiancée is scared off by the pest, and Winslow tries to drown it. He leaves in the local pond, where it rises, to reveal more Mogwai. A few months later, World War Two has been declared, and Winslow's house is now the site of a USAF base. WInslow and Cecily have married and moved to Mexico, and Memphis Belle-style, the heroes would be a group of United States Air Force pilots, on a bomber, including a teen who's lied about his age, Murray Futterman, the Dick Miller character in the original films. It would be a basic adaptation of the myths of Gremlins attacking planes, as they fly over Germany. The Mogwai are still furry, but a bit more feral, until they are found by a Nazi scientist who mutates them into true Gremlins. It would be similar to Zone Troopers (1986), where US soldiers in WW2 encounter aliens.

It would end in the present day, in Germany, Futterman (played by Dick Miller) visits a memorial. Suddenly, out of the memorial rises a horde of Gremlins who pull him into the mud, almost in recognition.

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