Sunday, 5 January 2014

Shitcake spy review - 9

Danger - Death Ray (1966)  - Awful Eurospy movie with ex-Tarzan Gordon Scott as Agent BartFargo! Killer waiter predates Diamonds are Forever.
A Man Called Dagger (1967) - Featuring a young Richard "Jaws" Kiel as a thug. Cheapjack setbound spy movie. Has a fight in abattoir. And Howard Hughes' ex-wife, Terry Moore.
Where The Spies Are (1966) - Proto-Casino Royale 1967 with David Niven as a spy directed by Val Guest. Also has Geoffrey Bayldon. And loads of British character actors, Le Mesurier, Davenport, etc.
Darker than Amber (1970) - Rod Taylor is an action-beach bum in Robert Clouse's sporadically action-packed thriller. Good fights.
Hammerhead (1968) - Vince Edwards as a cut-rate Matt Helm, while Judy Geeson looks on and Peter "Grouty" Vaughan acts rough. Diana Dors in her-not-too-fat stage is here too.
Agent for Harm(1966) - Shitcake spy film, set in Mission Impossible-esque Californian Eastern Europe.
Danger Route (1967) - Amicus spy-film with Richard Johnson - previously Bulldog Drummond in the Bond-chasing Deadlier than the Male (1967)/Some Girls Do (1969), both about dolly-bird armies (see also Morecambe and Wise as the Magnificent Two ("Oh I can't stand them!" says Mum)). This is more dour, and does not have Robert Morley as a cooking teacher or Leonard Rossiter. Does have an Amicus cast of Sylvia Syms, Diana Dors and Gordon Jackson, and like Agent for HARM, giallo regular Barbara Bouchet. Not good.

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